press for "woven"

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" is clear through her soft touch and unblemished phrasing that her heart lies with the Scottish fiddle tradition. This young player does not simply mimic the style, but instead holds it safely against her chest, protecting its beauty from becoming tarnished in the hands of this new fiddling generation. From the first time you hear Moynihan, it is clear that her playing is resonating straight from the depths of her soul." - Kim Carnie, Folk Radio UK

"She is the best of the best in the new generation of freestyle fiddlers, with deep roots in the Celtic style. She's got it - the magic touch." - Darol Anger

"She is such an amazing fiddle player. So musical; the dynamics, the phrasing, the touch - everything is so beautiful."  - Matt Glaser


"In everything she does, Moynihan proves she’s absorbed and mastered the tradition but is in no way bound by it." - Scott Nygaard, Peghead Nation


"Moynihan is the latest Celtic music-inspired wunderkind from Boston's Berklee College of Music and like other recent grads, she's a treasure. She is capable of blistering the paint from the walls..." - Rob Weir, Off-Center View



" There is something magical about the music made by Jenna Moynihan. Her new album, ‘Woven’ seamlessly blends the roots of Scottish fiddle tradition with startling inventiveness and creativity. The resulting album, which mixes the foundations of tradition with a freedom to innovate has an intimacy that places artist and audience in such proximity you could be in the same room." - Charlie Elland, FolkWords

"On Woven, Jenna certainly proves herself a supremely versatile and inventive fiddler with an enviably subtle and yet very sure touch" - David Kidman, The Living Tradition